Monday, March 11, 2013

Whew...What A Weekend!

I swear, last weekend I did not leave my house.  This weekend that just past we made up for it.  I was lucky-the kids stayed healthy and relatively happy for the entire weekend!  Oh, and I ate dessert three times on Saturday night!  Yikes!

On Saturday I got together with some of my girlfriends for a lovely dinner.  We just ate and visited all afternoon.  It was a beautiful day so we went outside to walk around my friend's property and captured these shots.  She has a beautiful place in the country. I also got an old wooden window from her and am so excited to use it in a DIY project!

I rushed back home to attend two birthday parties (I had a piece of cake at both)!  Our daughter was a dancing machine with her friends-it was so cute.  One party was a 60th for a good family friend.  Our gift was a beer can cake.  I can't take credit for this...there are lots of ideas on Pinterest for beer can cakes but this is how mine turned out.

Sunday was a warm-up to St. Patrick's Day celebrations at the Douglas Tavern, an Ottawa Valley landmark.  Sunday afternoon they open up the Tavern to host local, young talent.  The step dancing, fiddle, and singing performances were amazing.  So much talent from such a little place!  My daughter loved it and it has inspired me to look into step dancing lessons for her.   Then we rushed home for another birthday party and more cake! 

It was a fantastic weekend surrounded by family and friends - I was feeling the love! 

It has been a few weeks now since I've started writing my blog and I feel this is the first post I've not had very much time to put some thought into (usually I have two or three "draft" posts written).  I know I'm going to have to revamp my posting schedule when I return to work because as I learned this weekend - there sometimes just isn't enough time!  But I'm still enjoying this experience and thank everyone for their comments and support.


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