Saturday, March 22, 2014

Embracing Winter...Yeah I'm Done With That

Up until last week I could say I really embraced Winter this year.

I joined a women's snowshoe group and discovered area trails and parks I didn't even know existed and spent time with amazing ladies while doing so.

We enjoyed many fantastic outdoor activities with family and friends.

Emma going dog sledding!

Celebrated with the community at our local winter carnival, which I was a member of the planning committee.


As a family we celebrated the Olympics and cheered on our Canadian Athletes.  Emma and I cheered when the ladies hockey team won Gold (listening to the game on the radio in a Tim Horton's parking lot) and watched the men's hockey Gold medal game early Sunday morning enjoying a breakfast at home.

Olympic cookies I made for Emma's class.

Emma and I enjoyed a fantastic day in Ottawa, taking in Disney on Ice.

We watched curling game after curling game.

There was snowmen and sliding.

And the snowshoes really got a work out this winter.

Even Dustin tried snowshoeing!

And don't get me wrong-sometimes the natural beauty of winter is just stunning. 


But this is what we woke up to this morning.


Needless to say my enthusiasm for winter is vanishing pretty quickly.  And to top it off, last week, yet again, the whole house came down with another cold, Dustin's developing into an pneumonia.  I'm so sick of everyone being sick.

I think many of us would agree we are ready for Spring.  But as always, during the transition between seasons, I find myself reflecting on the long months that have just passed.  Making me grateful for the time we had with family and friends.  Being thankful that my children are happy and healthy, aside from the constant colds.  With Spring comes renewal and more blessings and we look forward to embracing and celebrating that season too!