Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Here we are, end of July and I'm sharing my summer bucket list.  Gives me just over a month to accomplish everything. 

1. Catch up on movies on a rainy day.  The Butler, Saving Mr. Banks, and Frozen are all on the PVR Playlist.  

2. Finish my deck makeover and eat meals outside.  

3. Take the kids for a bike ride on the paved trails along our Waterfront.  

4. Fly a kite.  

5.  Also catch up on a back log of books I want to read.  Goal: Read at least two by end of August. 

6. Go to our local water park. (This is actually one of the things Emma has specifically requested this summer). 

7. Go camping.  

8. Have bonfires and eat s'mores...lots of s'mores.  In fact, try new s'more recipes.   

9. Check out a local beach we haven't been to before. 

10. Hike a local trail.  

11.  Pick berries of all kinds and make jam.  

12.  Get my kayak in the water.  

13.  Visit local watering holes such as the Shanty House and Brew Pub by the boys at Whitewater Brewing (I suppose that is not a very kid friendly activity).

14.  Go geo-caching.

15.  Plan a mother-daughter getaway, just locally, but spend some one-on-one time with Emma.

Luckily I've already checked a few of these off the list (more on those later).  But some seem unachievable...like the deck makeover.  That has been a work in progress since June and it's a tedious task that has been impeded by time and weather.

Hoping August brings more sun, less rain, and lots of time for making memories and writing our story.  


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Dustin!

So Dustin turned 2...in May.  I'm so ridiculously behind in writing posts.

For Dustin's birthday I vowed not to do an elaborate party because only a month before we hosted our first annual Easter Egg Hunt. But I needed to do something and because Dustin is so into backhoes and other heavy equipment that was the theme.

I made the invitations myself (borrowed a verse from Pinterest). Lift, Haul, Move, Dig.  Our birthday boy is getting big. 

Snacks served in a dump truck.

His adorable t-shirt I had made at a local screen printing place.
There were no shortage of gifts related to machinery.
My sorry attempt at icing a cake. 
Smiles with Daddy.
And no party is complete without treat bags (even one for the birthday boy!).  I did sand buckets with summer related items (A water toy, ice pop, glow stick, and candy.)
It's hard to believe Dustin is 2.  He is talking so much and keeps us laughing all the time. He loves being outside and I can't get him out of his rubber boots.  It's gonna be a fun summer with those two.