Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy 1 Year "Raising Two and Everything Else I Do"

My blog turns one year old today!  This week I went back and re-read all my posts.  What a fun way to remember a year of events, thoughts and memories.  I think my favorites were A Brook, Some Rubber Boots and Childhood Memories, Maple Syrup Season, Strawberry Picking, and A Letter to My Daughter. 

Last year in February, March and April I had significantly more posts than I had the remainder of the year.  I, of course, was on maternity leave.  It makes a big difference.

But my lack of posts makes me think why I even do this.  So I was pleased to read one of my earlier posts which reminded me why-this blog is a creative outlet, a way to share my experiences with family and friends, and possibly connect with people or share an idea that might be helpful to others.  And also entertain you-I assume if you are reading this you are a regular follower - and if you've been reading along all year-I must be entertaining you.

So I think I'll keep writing if you'll keep on reading.  I'm not going to get hung up on posting schedules.  I'm not going to get frustrated if I don't get all my Christmas posts done (if you'll recall I said I would write all my Christmas posts in January because I didn't get them done in December-never happened). When I have something I think is worthwhile sharing, I`ll try and write.

This winter has been so busy but in a good way.  I've really embraced winter this year and am trying to get out and enjoy it and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to write a blog about that very soon.

Thanks for a year of comments, support, and love.