Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Will Remember

Remembrance Day is always an emotional day for me.  This year was no exception.  I think I was feeling what most of the country was feeling with such recent tragic events here at home. 

Growing up, usually on the Sunday before Remembrance Day, our church would host a special service.  We would gather outside at the small cenotaph in front of the church.  It was usually a rainy, cold day.   The church over looks the winding river that runs through the community.   That time of year everything was always so grey looking.   There would be readings of the veterans names and laying of the wreaths.  My grandmother, a veteran herself, would lay one of those wreaths. There was always bag pipes.  We would gather in the church later, to be warmed by fellowship and hearty soup.

In the 13 years I've been away from NS I have only been able to go back home and attend the service once. That year I laid the wreath.  This tradition has always been so special to my family, who have a proud history of serving for their country.  

This year, as my co-workers and I live streamed the Remembrance Day service from Ottawa, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I thought of Gram. Knowing she would have laid a wreath at the Remembrance Day service in NS.  Next year she will be 90!  My sister and I have made a decision that if Gram promises to be there next year, we will as well, to lay that wreath with her.

I call her every Remembrance Day.  I want her to know that I think of her often but especially on this day.  She told me that at today's service a little girl came up to her.  She saw that Gram was wearing her service medals.  She gave Gram a card, a thank you card, filled with drawings of beautiful red poppies. I can just imagine that card, being proudly displayed in Gram's room.  I could not agree with that little girl anymore. Thank you Gram.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you and your family made.  We will always remember.

 ~ Elizabeth