Monday, March 4, 2013

Remembering Newfoundland

When you recall places you’ve visited are there some that you think “I can’t wait to bring my kids there”.   For me, that place is Newfoundland.   Even being from Nova Scotia, both times I've visited NFLD I was amazed at the laid back, simple lifestyle and friendly people.  I first visited Newfoundland in 2005 to attend a conference for work.  During that visit I experienced St. John’s and George Street.  In 2008, I returned with my mother, grandfather, and aunt for a family reunion where we visited Corner Brook, Gros  Morne, Silverdale, Springdale and Little Bay Islands (LBI).  The trip to LBI was a highlight for me.  A recent article I read in the National Post regarding LBI had me thinking about this unique part of the province and our visit there. 

The National Post article described how LBI residents are applying to the government for resettlement.   If approved by 90% of the residents, each household would receive a resettlement payment.  Ferry service would be suspended and residents would basically leave the island behind.  Read the complete article here. 

Now I don’t want to debate the merits of doing this.  If you read the comment section of the National Post article there is enough debate about the subject. However, it did have me reminiscing about the amazing visit we had to this unique island. 

My great grandfather was actually born on Little Bay Islands.  So there was that extra "connection", especially since we were traveling with my grandfather.   Even 5 years ago there was no store to buy any food or drinks.  A couple who travelled on the ferry with us were unaware of this and did not pack a lunch.  So we invited them to share in our large family gathering so they would at least have something to eat.  A true testiment to the laid back, friendly atmosphere of the Island. 

I've included a few pictures I took while we there and they are some of my favorites from the entire trip.    

I know some day we will take the kids to NFLD and it's uncertain if we will be able to return to Little Bay Islands.  But if we do, one thing is for sure, it won't look the same as the first time I visited.  I am so grateful that I had a chance to visit LBI and experience the community as it was at the time.   I hope that one day, when my children are old enough to understand and appreciate it, that I will be able to share with them the special connection our family has to this beautiful part of Newfoundland. 


  1. what a great article ,Elizabeth and seeing those pictures again really bought back so many good memories it was a great trip.Little Bay Island was such a highlight for a lot of us at the reunion.

  2. What a great Article. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  3. Thanks for the comments! It has been fun sharing our experiences!