Friday, March 1, 2013

Separation Anxiety and My Weekend Away

Recently my son started exhibiting some traits of separation anxiety. So I took it as a cue that it was time for a weekend away.  I headed to Kingston, ON with my sister to visit a friend and attend the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.  Turns out my son does not have separation anxiety as he was completely fine while I was away.  So since I was going to blog about how that was for me and my son, and it was a non-issue, I’m going talk about my weekend away, AKA, FREEDOM!!!!

My sister and I left Saturday morning, and headed down to meet our friends to attend a playoff game for this premiere ladies sporting event.  Some of Canada’s best female curlers, join together to compete for the title of Team Canada.   We attended two games and it was so much fun! 
My sister and I at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts!
From what I can tell, curling is a sporting event you either love or don’t.  I never loved it until I learned the strategy and rules behind it.  So every year, for a week in February and another week in March for the men’s tournament, my TV is tuned to the sports channel and my housework falls to the way side.  

Now since writing about a sporting event is likely not meeting the needs of my readers, I want to talk about the ladies that are competing.  They literally become rock stars for a week.  This is the best women’s sporting event in Canada based on TV ratings and attendance figures.  At one game we attended, a player was out in the audience participating in a sponsor giveaway, and people were getting her autograph as she walked by.  

But what stands out for me as we watched these ladies compete all week on TV and then live on the weekend was that many of the players are moms or even moms to be! (Imagine sweeping a curling rock down the ice at 7 months pregnant??? I could barely sweep my kitchen floor when I was pregnant!).  These ladies are making huge sacrifices to represent their province and I really admire that.  I can’t imagine doing everything we do as moms plus being a championship curler (and most of these women have full-time jobs).  It was empowering to watch these ladies work hard all week to try and achieve something many of them have been training for their whole lives.

So while I was all concerned about separation anxiety, it was clearly not a problem for my son.  I am however having separation anxiety from curling, I miss watching it on TV.  Good thing the men's curling starts this weekend.   You’ll know where to find me.  Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. loved your story EA, of course I am biased being your mother but u always put a bit of humour in your that very much. Was glad u got away it good for Moms to be able to do that once in awhile.

  2. Thanks Mom! Glad you are following... :)