Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Raising Two - What's This Blog All About?

In my first post I tried to explain my thought process in becoming a blogger.  So I guess the next step would be to tell you what I actually intend to write about.  This might be a short post as I’m not quite sure…this is probably not a good way to dive into the world of blogging.  I should have a plan. 

But since I don’t, I envision my posts being on a variety of topics.  I suspect the majority of them will be related to parenting and family experiences because lets face it, as moms these things pretty much consume our lives.  But I also want to share my love of all things re-purposed and recycled.  Or share things related to cooking, baking, and crafting – something else that I spend a lot of time doing-not always successfully.  I will likely also write about my love for my home and country life.  

I’m not saying I’m an expert in any of these subject matters, far from it.  But, like many other moms have done for me, I’d love to share my thoughts in hopes they can be useful to others out there. 

Now that I’ve possibly caught your interest – hopefully you’ll join me later this week as I post a little more information about myself.  

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