Friday, February 22, 2013

All About Me

There is probably an article out there with guidelines and suggestions on choosing a title for your blog.  Except I didn’t read them.  I just thought what do I do?  Well I raise two children and a whole lot of everything else (right moms??).  In addition to being moms we’re wives, employees, friends, daughters, daughter-in-laws, sisters, and sister-in-laws. We have hobbies that may include everything from playing sports to writing (maybe a blog!).  We love spending time with our families but also enjoy those few moments of quiet we can sometimes steal away.   Hence the name, Raising Two and Everything Else I Do. 

I’ve been married for 6 years to Dean.  We have two children, a daughter, 3 years old (going on 16).  And a 9 month old son.  I work in public relations and promotion for a local waste management facility. I absolutely mean it when I say I love my job.  I try to incorporate the 4R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-purpose) in my everyday life.   I'm far from perfect when it comes to this but as a family we try pretty hard (someday I'll write a post on the huge party we threw one summer and only had one small bag of garbage, I was pretty proud of that feat!).  Right now I’m on maternity leave. 

We live on a hobby beef farm in the Ottawa Valley.  I have a new found love for crafting because of my addiction to Pinterest.  If you’re a Pinterest lover than you’ll probably enjoy my posts.  

I also enjoy reading and you’ll see posts about the book club I belong too.  I love our Canadian Maritime Provinces as I was born and raised in Nova Scotia.  My decorating style would be described as primitive/rustic-I love anything re-purposed.  I love my family and friends dearly. 

With all that being said, hopefully I’ll be able to use what I just described above to create a few interesting posts that you'll enjoy reading.

Thanks for following along and have a safe and fun-filled weekend.  


  1. You amaze me Miss Elizabeth. I have been following your blog since the first day you indicated that you were writing one and I do get a kick out of it. Keep writing!!!!

  2. Lizard........I'm so excited to follow you! Post away, Baby! I expect lots of fun re-purposed crafts and hearing all about your babes! xoxo Sarah

  3. Thanks for the love and support ladies!

  4. Your sister Beckie pointed me this way on FB! I'm excited to read along! I'm a mom to one almost 10month old and am on mat leave too! I blog over at S{Thomp}ing Ground. Looking forward to future posts! :)

    1. Thanks Melanie. I checked out your blog right away. Can't wait to follow-and probably learn a few things! I'm still wading through all this blogging stuff.