Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Easter Tradition

I love traditions especially the ones that occur around holidays. So this Easter I started a new tradition for my Ontario family and friends...The Graham Family Easter Egg Hunt, based on the Easter Egg Hunt held each year in Nova Scotia by my mom's family.   

Eggs were scattered around 12 "stations".   Mostly filled with Easter treats but I had a few non-junk food items such as erasers, pencils, and some festive drinking cups. 

The minion eggs I made...these were my fave!
The kids all received name tags for their baskets.

I can't throw a party without decorations.
We had a potluck supper with yummy festive desserts.  Was a great way to end the day. I loved this new tradition and have already got all the eggs sorted and bagged ready for filling again next year!


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  1. Cute Elizabeth! Your such a great neighbour :)