Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's A Party On The Farm!

I cannot believe our baby turned one!  What a year.  It was so fun going back to prepare this collage of pictures and look at all the amazing moments we had.  

As Dustin's actual birthday approached I began planning his first birthday party (yes-OK I did start thinking about it and started pinning ideas on Pinterest months in advance).   Who is the party for a one year old really for, the child or the parent?  It's not like Dustin will remember.  But I will and I love to plan a party.  Once I decided on the farm theme the planning and preparations began!

First the invites (original idea found here):

 And then the decorating:

Oh the cakes....I loved the cakes.  It's so amazing what they can do with fondant!  Not my talent-made by a local lady.  I made the cupcakes.  I scored some adorable cupcake liners at Micheal's and even found some farm themed sprinkles with cows, chicks and pigs.

The rain held off so the kids could get outside and burn off some energy and go on some tractor rides.  

And here's the birthday boy (he looks more like 3 than 1!). 

I would say the texture and the stickiness of the icing was really throwing Dustin off.

And then of course the treat bags.  I struggle with treat bags.  I love to give a party favor but they create so much waste-so I try to fill mine with useful things.  They are not perfect or waste free by any means....but they fit the theme which is the most important thing! 

Dustin won't remember the day but hopefully in many years when he looks back at the pictures he'll know he was always surrounded by the love of family and friends.  And that is what's really important, when you look beyond the decorations, cakes and treatbags (although that's really fun too!).

Happy Birthday to my baby boy-who has made us smile since the day we met. 


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  1. SO adorable! I love the cakes and the invitations and just all the little details! Looks like he loved it too! Those treat bags are just so sweet. If Elias ever wants a farm themed party I know where to get my inspiration!