Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Boy's Nursery

As you saw from my post last week (click here to read in case you missed it), I'm in disbelief that Dustin has turned one.  He's becoming so independent, he doesn't even want to cuddle anymore when he has his bedtime bottle.  Another "milestone" he's consistently achieving is sleeping through the night-finally! He was always a pretty good sleeper but for the longest time he was waking up sometimes three times a night, fussing enough that I had (wanted?) to check on him.  He was never up for long but enough to disrupt your sleep.   So before I went back to work we had a little pep talk and I told him we wouldn't be doing that anymore.  And it was like he actually listened. 

But of course, now I find I'm missing those nights when we would have a little cuddle in the rocking chair in his room.  You see I decorated Dustin's room based on my decorating style-rustic and primitive.  None of that typical boy stuff like trains, planes or automobiles (unless it was rustic).  I chose the decoration purely on what I like and that's why I love my little boy's nursery!

Here are some of my favorite elements. 

The ABC blocks I actually painted myself.  The blocks were cut by a friend from work who does all my wood working projects for me.  These were one of my successes with the room (I'll tell you about a failure later on in the post...)
I had found this idea in a craft magazine and had a local store who sells all things primitive make it for me. 
The shelf was made by my grandfatherThe letters (Dustin's initials) I painted and I also did the footprint craft...another success!  I decorated the shelf with some old teddy bears and bunnies, a baby picture, a cute "Jesus Loves Me" sign from Dustin's godparents and an old mason jar filled with cotton balls. 
Of course everyone loves this saying-I found this at a primitive store in Nova Scotia!

Probably one of my favorite things in his room.  I had this done by a local artist Denise Lenoir Fine Art.  I love her work.  (If the link doesn't work search for her on Facebook).

I also installed some wall art with some rustic barn stars. 

And finally the failure.  I bought this lamp at Wal-Mart and wanted to personalize it.  Well the shade is actually balancing on the lightbulb instead of being "screwed" into the base because when I painted the hearts on I painted them upside down!!! So maddening! Oh well-it functions.  

So I don't know what Dustin will be in to when we redecorate his room in a few years.  Probably the character of the day.  Maybe Thomas or Cars.  Whatever it is I hope we can keep a few of my favorite things from when he was a baby. 

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