Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maple Syrup Season

Hi everyone!  It has been awhile.  Everyone is well (including Rusty the dog) - just busy!  First of all, I've been playing around with the settings on Blogger - so there may be a different design or layout every time I post.  Please ignore until I find something I love!

Before Easter Emma, along with her Daddy and Nana, tapped some maple trees along our driveway.   I love maple syrup season and think it is something everyone should experience, whether it's making maple syrup back at the camp or at a sophisticated maple syrup production - it's pretty amazing what mother nature provides us! 

Recently, we headed back to Dean's Uncle's camp to see what was happening to all that sap Emma and Nana had been collecting.  It was a pretty muddy walk!

As we got closer you could smell the syrup boiling.  Everyone was busy either cutting wood, gathering sap or adding wood to the fire.  It's hard work making maple syrup!

And then came the best part...taste testing!

It was such a great afternoon with our family and friends.  Dustin fell asleep in Nana's arms before we left and Emma almost fell asleep as we went and collected sap on the Ranger.  No problem getting the kids to bed that night! 

One of my favorite recipes using real maple syrup is Baked Salmon with soy sauce and garlic.  Check out the recipe here.  What's your favorite recipe using maple syrup? 


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